The Sixteen Trees of the Somme

A globe-spanning tale about family secrets, betrayal and a love of wood. 
Edvard only has a distant memory of his mother and has never been told how his parents died. He does however know that the fate of Einar, his grandfather’s brother, is central to untangling the mystery… 
When a beautifully crafted coffin is delivered to his taciturn grandfather on the remote mountain farmstead he grew up in, Edvard begins to suspect that Einar may not be dead after all. He then embarks on a long journey that he hopes will unlock his family’s tragic secrets. It takes him from Norway to the Shetlands and then on to the battlefields of France. 
A beautiful and moving novel about finding yourself.


Book jacket design for the Polish edition.
Book layout design and typesetting


Smak Słowa Publishing House