Harp Song

A humorous, warm and highly entertaining story of music and God, of friendship, betrayal and lost love.

Suffering from a severe hangover, record producer Jim Gystad visits Vinger Church and hears divine singing. The voices from the pew behind Jim practically lift him into eternity and away from the dreary, soulless blues he ordinarily spends his working hours trying to breathe life into. And for the first time in ages, his life doesn’t feel completely meaningless.

The voices he has heard belong to The Singing Thorsen Siblings. There was a time when the trio toured the US and sold hundreds of thousands of records. But they don’t perform any longer. From now on Jim’s life only revolves around one thing: a firm decision to make the Thorson Siblings return to singing. He is about to be severely tasked. And the hardest challenge of them all: to bring love back into their lives.


Book jacket design for the Polish edition.
Book layout design and typesetting


Smak Słowa Publishing House
webpage: www.smakslowa.pl