Aga Karmol (Agnieszka Karmolińska)

Masters’ Degree from the  Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk (1988).
Currently living in London.


Having been working as a graphic designer since 1992, I gained experience in almost every kind of  design intended for printing. Apart from freelance work, I was employed in a marketing department of one of the biggest daily papers in Poland (Dziennik Bałtycki, part of Polska The Times), I worked in an advertising agency and in a books publishing company. I find all aspects of design appealing, being especially interested in book design.


My interest in fine art was always vivid. At the age of 35 I became a keen horse rider and soon the owner of two lovely Polish warmbloods. My life changed. Soon I discovered that my love for art and love for horses can lead to one thing only: painting them. It is my tribute to these wonderful creatures. 


The “by-product” of my equine art is photographs and press articles (written in Polish), published regularly in the Polish national horse riding magazine: Kon Polski.